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Tandana Vegan Restaurant Quito Ecuador

Tandana Vegan Restaurant Quito is Ecuador's only 100 percent Vegan restaurant.  It is nestled in a restored municipal park overlooking the picturesque village, Guápulo.   The restaurant is a non-for profit project.  Libera Ecuador, a foundation, owns Tandana and is also involved in activism.  They support causes...

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URKO Cocina, your culinary passport to Ecuador

URKO Cocina is located in Quito, Ecuador in the trendy, cosmopolitan Floresta neighborhood.  To dine there is to learn all about Ecuadorian cuisine.  This is a dining experience that guides you thru the country while paying homage to its rich history, traditions and tastes.  URKO...

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Visit Templo del Sol Ecuador

Visit Templo de Sol Ecuador to meet celebrated artist, Ortega Maila. Ortega is one of Ecuadors most famous Artists.  He is most known for painting very rapidly and often finishes a painting in less than five minutes.  The most remarkable aspect of his work is that...

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Stay at a farm in Ecuador

Experience Agritourism at its finest.   Hacienda Cochauco is a place to un-plug, relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily urban life.     Cochauco is located in a small village called Pintag, just one hour outside of Quito by car. It takes even less time...

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Su Man's beauty advice

Su Man’s beauty advice

I had the honor to meet Su Man, the Founder of Su-Man Skincare, while she was in NYC. On behalf of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, I awarded her with a Five Star Diamond Award for her skin care product line. It's outstanding and...

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