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I love the soothing tranquility of nature and the serene inner peace I feel when immersed in such beauty.  As a student of inner balance and being, I enjoy introspecting very much in such enviornments.  It is there where I discover my authentic nature.

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For much of my professional life, I was a world traveler.  Through freelance travel writing, I landed in the world international luxury hospitality. One thing led to another and I found myself bestowing stars and diamond ratings to the best luxury hotels and restaurants around the world.  During this time, I was based in NYC and also worked at The Carlyle, one of NYC’s premier luxury hotels, to learn the ins and outs of luxury hospitality.

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For a decade after I traveled and lived abroad throughout South America and in Beijing, China.


Many high-end hotels, fine dining establishments, resorts, and destinations were eager to join a world stage, enhance their service levels and to become more luxurious.  

Chefs of D'Galia Culinary Institute, Lima, Peru



My role with the award was very entrepreneurial.  I learned all kinds of life lessons working in many foreign cultures where there were always surprises and the ways of doing business changed in every country.  Through the years, I continued to contribute travel content and commentary throughout international media outlets, participated as a Cultural Commentator for China’s CCTV, spoke at events, conducted seminars about luxury service and also consulted various hotels and restaurants worldwide.  It was my real-life school of learning.

But all along this outward journey, despite the many exciting adventures, the high gloss glamor and the sheer joy of doing work that I loved, I suffered from many bouts of depression, anxiety, dark feelings and lots of inner conflict and confusion.  I often felt very unsure of my direction.

Over time, the extravagant luxury trips in these foreign cultures became a backdrop for my inner work.  At times I was immersed in so much luxurious decadence, contrasted by extreme poverty in others;  I deeply questioned my personal beliefs and philosophies about life.

As I searched for excellence around the world to award, I was also somehow connected with an array of spiritual ideas, religions, and people of many different practices, all of whom captivated my curiosity. I always wanted to know more about their different spiritual contexts and why they believed their beliefs.


I sat a ten-day Vipassana meditation course in 2014 and decided to return to work and live at that center in 2017 to deepen my practice and be of service to others.

I am still very much a student of inner peace, balance and being.  I try to live my life as much as possible in this present moment feel a purpose to share my evolving inward journey here, whether traveling or still….

Who knows where this is all going, what I am to share or even how I am to do it, but I do know that it’s never the destination that matters – so let’s see how we go!!

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