Karen Lynn Dixon by the Inter-coastal waterway in West Palm Beach, Florida


I have always been a world traveler and I love exploring new cultures.  As a native New Yorker I have lived most of my life in urban environments. However, I absolutely treasure spending time in nature and escaping to beaches, forests, mountains and anywhere that I can go to be outside under the unobstructed open sky.

Karen Lynn Dixon splashing water in a stream in Pokhara, Nepal

Inner peace. Well-being

After suffering from several bouts of persistent cystic acne in my late twenties, I turned to alternative medicine for healing solutions and have stayed steadfast on that path. I learned many valuable modalities that helped me re-structure my diet, detox my body, work with my suppressed emotions, manage my anxiety and also awaken my spirituality. 

Karen Lynn Dixon awarding the Loden Hotel in Vancouver, Canada with a Five Star Diamond Award

My life in luxury travel

For several decades I roamed the world as a luxury hospitality scientist. It was my job to inspect the best hotels, fine dining experiences, airlines and luxury experiences worldwide. I would evaluate these experiences for their potential to earn a Five or Six Star Diamond Award from The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS). I also wrote travel content for publications around the world and consulted small boutique hotels in service excellence.


Moderate a Panel at The United Nations

The AAHS participated in a BlockChain technology panel for the FSUN Foundation in support of the UN

Present Star Diamond Awards Worldwide

This fantastic Star Diamond Event was held at The legendary Addison in Boca Raton, FL

Host Red Carpet Events Worldwide

AAHS Grand Gala Celebration at Oheka Castle in Huntington, NY

Create and Host Star Diamond Styles

An AAHS video series highlighting the best of the best worldwide

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