I am a devoted student of balanced being who values inner peace and inspired introspection.  My extensive work as a luxury lifestyle and travel professional has molded my values for cultivating impeccable integrity and service to others.  Genuine and authentic hospitality is one of the best gifts that we may give to one another and true luxury embodies peace of mind, inner stability, and well-being.

About me

“Where are you? -HERE.

What time is it? -NOW.

What are you? -THIS MOMENT.

(Peaceful Warrior)


Know thy self.  There are no wrong turns along the way. Steady effort and baby steps move us forward.  The reward is the journey, not the destination.

 -Wise persons of all traditions and beliefs


Check-In Within

Some of my projects

Check In Within

A way for me to share some inspired introspection with some transformational travel and luxury wellness added in the mix.


I write about well-being and inner healing. Over the past years I have written mostly about luxury travel and food.


I have a background in both traditional and digital marketing, as well as Certifications in those skill sets. I always enjoy learning more.

5 Star Diamond Award

The Five and Six Star Diamond Awards glitter brightly and confirm the very best in the world of luxury travel and lifestyle.

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