Karen Lynn Dixon is a Purveyor of Well-Being & luxurY TRAvel

Karen Lynn Dixon in front of a tree

I am a meditator, world traveler and truth seeker who connects people to well-being and wellness.  As a highly sensitive person, I have come to appreciate my gentle approach and my delicate nature. Living and working for decades in NYC, while also traveling the world as a leader in luxury lifestyles made me realize how much society is geared to support non-feeling behavior that does not always ring true with integrity. I have always felt like I belonged everywhere, but did not fit in anywhere. As a result, I have learned a lot of life lessons and I now create my own place here. Thank you for visiting.


EMF Protection

In this video I share some ways that you can protect yourself from harmful EMFs

3 Tips for Highly Sensitive People

In this video I share three tips for highly sensitive people to navigate daily life

Thoughts & Experiences from around the world


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