Karen Lynn Dixon has over a decade of professional experience in the luxury hospitality and lifestyle industry working with the International Five Star Diamond Award and as an international travel journalist.  She believes that genuine hospitality is the best gift we may give to one another.  As a professional traveler and writer, she has spent tremendous amounts of solitary time on the road living and working in different countries, constantly feeling as if she belonged everywhere, yet nowhere at the same time.   Ultimately, she felt compelled to take a parallel journey inward toward deeper self-introspection and personal transformation. This is a place to share her self with others and to join along in the exploration.
About Karen Lynn Dixon

“Where are you? -HERE.

What time is it? -NOW.

What are you? -THIS MOMENT.

(Peaceful Warrior)


As we walk on the path, the way appears. There are no wrong turns. Steady effort and baby steps move us forward.  The reward is the journey, not the destination.

 -Wise persons of all traditions and beliefs


Check-In Within



I market, promote and sell. I am certified in Digital Marketing and Data Analysis and love to help brands reach their marketing objectives.

Check In Within

In bound travel. Inward journey. Check In Within.


Karen writes and expresses what she knows about luxury, travel, well-being and whatever else she feels inspired to share.

5 Star Diamond Award

The Five and Six Star Diamond Awards glitter brightly and confirm the very best in the world of luxury travel and lifestyle.

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