The LX Factory in Lisbon, Portugal

During the Nineteenth Century the present LX Factory was an industrial area that was home to many manufacturing companies.  For decades to follow, the 23,000 square meter space remained abandoned and ignored.


In 2012 the space was re-opened. After a massive conversion of the abandoned lots into an open air space, it was named LX Factory.  Currently many locals refer to it as “El-Sheesch,” which in a Lisboan-slang term that means “Lisbon” –or the Lisbon Factory.


Charming remnants of its mercantile past, such as cast iron facades and cobblestone roads, thankfully still remain.


LX Factory in Lisbon, Portugal, Karen Lynn Dixon


A “Creative Island” in Lisbon

There are over 150 companies and businesses occupying the LX Factory space.  They include restaurants, cafes as well as antique, furniture, alternative fashion shops and art galleries.  Lx Factory is proudly considered to be the city’s “Creative Island.”


One of the most fun stores to visit at LX Factory is Muitimuito.  There you will find antiques and curiosities from a range of cultural eras. They have a nice mix of large, small and even tiny items so there is something for everyone in this shop.  It’s a friendly place to walk around and entice your eyes with some whimsical visual stimulation.


Also, I would not miss Landeau Chocolate.  They serve a deliciously dense and rich chocolate cake that is worth the visit.
True appreciation of this space may require a hipster mentality.  It is this mindset that would find the space most comfortable and intrigued by its celebration of independence and individuality. There are no major international chain brands represented at LX Factory and the vibe is eclectic and urban.


A visit to LX Factory is really interesting.  It will give you a sense of the new Lisbon personality that is emerging on the world scene. On Sundays the LX Factory hosts an open-air market that sells vintage clothing, organic foods and artisanal products.



Something you may not know: Some of the coolest examples of public art in the space are adorning the LX Factory Parking lot.




Rua Rodrigues de Faria, 103
(Located just outside of the center of Lisbon in the River District of Alcantara)
1300, Lisbon



9am-12 midnight, daily