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The Best Wedding in Quito

Association of Bridal Consultants Ecuador Luxury Events Seminar

I met some wonderfully talented wedding professionals while presenting a Living Your Luxury Seminar for the Association of Bridal Consultants in Quito.   A few of them agreed to collaborate together for a photo shoot during my visit.  The location was the penthouse of Sylvia Reyes, one of Quito’s most celebrated art collectors.


Getting married in Quito?


Here is what you need to make the best wedding there:


A Wedding Artist

Wedding Artist and Stylist David Moscoso of Esteban Pozo Diseño Integral y Eventos by David Moscoso & Esteban Pozo  styles weddings.  David arranged every detail of our photo shoot.  He knew the perfect time to capture Quito’s magical light shining through the panoramic windows into Sylvia’s apartment.  He also advised me on the style of dress to wear for the shoot.  David Moscoso is  an artist.  He is also known for his murals of landscapes.  You can see part of one his paintings behind us in the photo.  It is a centerpiece of Sylvia’s art collection.

Karen Lynn Dixon with David Moscoso, Quito, Ecuador


A Dress

In Quito, the most luxurious boutique for wedding dresses, accessories and celebration attire is Rosa Clara.  David and I visited there together the morning of the photo shoot to select a few cocktail dresses for me to wear for the photo shoot.  The dresses in Rosa Clara are imported from Spain and they are displayed beautifully in a an elegant ambiance.  The boutique is easy to navigate and the service is impeccable.


A Makeup Artist

Karina Vicuña is one of Ecuador’s most celebrated makeup artists.  Her salon Karina Novias is located in the northern part of Quito, but Karina herself is completely mobile.  She sets up her ‘pop-up’ makeup studio anywhere in the city and for that matter, in the world!  In Sylvia’s home we sat in one of the guest bedrooms.


Karen Lynn Dixon, Karina Vicuna, Quito, Ecuador


A Photographer

Patricio Calle is one of the best photographers in Quito.  I was truly impressed with his ability to capture light and bring out the essence of Sylvia’s lovely home as a backdrop.  He captured the moments that we enacted together in such a natural way.   Patricio’s professionalism is unmatched by any other I have encountered during my travels.  He and his Assistant Mickel are true masters of lighting.  So much so, they often don’t need to utilize photoshop in post-production.   Patricio’s wonderful attitude made us all feel relaxed and easy to be our real ourselves for the photos.


Patricio Calle Photographer, Quito, Ecuador


Post-production with Patricio was also seamless.  I met with him and his team at his studio where we reviewed the photos and made the initial selection.  Within a few days I had all of my photos in digital form to review for the final selection.  And for those that needed some retouching, Patricio graciously enhanced them while still keeping the natural essence intact.



A Team

One of the most important things you will need to have to make the best destination wedding in Quito is a good team!  I observed the great synergy that existed among Patricio, David and Kariña. They have all worked together on many weddings and communicate with each other well.  They showed me the importance of having a good team of wedding professionals that can work well together.