Tasting Menu at Belcanto in Lisbon

The Tasting Menu at Belcanto is superp.   If you are looking for an elevated, yet still authentic dining experience in Lisbon, Belcanto is the place to go.  It is the only restaurant in Lisbon to have two Michelin Stars.  Belcanto is located in the elegant Chiado district of Lisbon.


Belcanto Restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal


History of Belcanto

In 2012 Chef José Avillez reopened Belcanto under the same name and in the exact same location as the original and well known establishment that was founded in 1958.  In the new Belcanto, Avillez launched his personal culinary concept, making it home to his vision to bring the very best of Portugal’s cuisine to the world.


Belcanto Menu, Vision of Chef Jose Avillez


Tasting Menu at Belcanto

The tasting menu of Belcanto presents a culinary journey through Portugal.   It reads:

“A menu inspired by The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa, the most international of all Portuguese authors, who was born here in Sao Carlos Square on the 13th of June of 1888.  This menu tells a story in multiple chapters.  A story that awakens us, disquiets us, comforts us and makes us travel through Portugal.”

It plays creatively with traditional Portuguese dishes and flavors.   An example is the Grilled Sardine that is served on a stone.  This presentation pays homage to the traditional Portuguese method of grilling sardines on rocks.  There is also the “Port and Tonic” Amuse Bouche that is served on a white rock that represents the iconic tiles of Lisbon.  Avillez also serves the Red Mullet fish on such a stone as well.



I love that every dish on the menu has a cultural story, history or some explanation of origin.  They are also creative.  One of my favorites is the Ferrero Rocher, a foie gras hidden inside a molecular walnut of edible foil served on cocoa nibs.



The dishes on the Tasting Menu at Belcanto are paired with an array of Portuguese wines and sometimes even a beer or spirit for a nice surprise.


José Avillez enjoys “making food about flavor.” He says that

“one can feel the soul of a country and a cook by the flavor of the dishes and the cuisine that one tastes”


His first restaurant was Cantinho Do Avillez which he opened it in 2011. It is located only a few blocks away from Belcanto. The Cantinho is a casual and comfortable restaurant with dishes that are packed with intense and robust flavors. I wrote about it here.


Avillez is already iconic in Lisbon as an entrprenuer as well as a Chef. He has successfully opened 6 thriving dining establishments in just 3 years. His core philosophy is to provide

“good food and hospitality, while always trying to be better and to improve upon what has already been done.”

The wait for a reservation to dine at Belcanto is over 2 weeks long.  And this is just the beginning for Avillez and his team, as he plans to open more conceptual restaurants in Lisbon in the future while he continued to re-invent and re-define the traditional.



A Star is Born:
In 2012 Anthony Bordain filmed “No Reservations” in Lisbon and featured José Avillez as a guest Chef on the show.   Avillez became famous after the episode with the help of Bordain’s exposure to his talent.



Largo de São Carlos, 10,
1200-410 Lisbon
+351 213 420 607



Tuesday – Saturday
Closed Sunday & Monday