For the past twelve years Karen has advised The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) and its illustrious collection of Five and Six Star Diamond Award member Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and Lifestyle products, on achieving and maintaining world class customer service levels, stellar luxury branding and an internationally recognized public image.

Karen has also consulted several boutique hotels in South America in cooperation with their teams of architects, planners and hospitality management.  Through her extensive global network she also assists hotels and restaurants with procuring celebrated interior designers, chefs and management professionals for their businesses.

Karen Lynn Dixon, Consults, Luxury, Boutique Hotels, South America

Achieve better reviews, higher ratings, and a more loyel clientele.

3 Step Process to Success

  • Step 1: Evaluation

    Evaluation of service levels and public image according to recognized international standards.

  • Step 2: Solutions

    Proposal of solutions that can be independently implemented to make a lasting difference.

  • Step 3: Implementation

    Implementation of the proposed solutions. If needed, training can be added.


Our seminars empower hospitality, travel, business and wedding professionals to understand both the enduring classic elements of luxury as well as its new and evolving trends.  Our cutting-edge content introduces new ways for professionals to become their own critics and creators of memorable, authentic and sustainable travel experiences and high touch services.

Essential LUX Seminars

Every experience is derived from the true essence of an operation as well as from the people who are giving their service to others.  We focus on working with you to discover the true essence of your business. What is the mission of your organization? What is your individual purpose and that of your team?  With this valuable information we can then build upon the essential elements that make you and your business shine brightly in the world.

To attract the clients whom you seek to serve, The LUX or light of your product must be amplified and communicated properly in the world.   True luxury marries the internal values of your business with the positive external message that it communicates to the world.  Let us help you discover how to resonate your message to a wider audience and better position your services in our global economy.



Karen has public speaking experience.

Over the past five years, she speaks to live audiences on a weekly basis.

  • Presenting the Five Star Diamond Award to the best of the luxury travel
    and lifestyle world.
  • Speaking to audiences about luxury touches and the key factors for creating and maintaining excellent customer service levels.
  • Emceeing events for charities, foundations and other special events.
  • Moderating panels of discussions on hospitality and travel topics.


Karen communicates the authentic wonders and beauty of hotels, restaurants, destinations, high quality services and products with the world!  Her content has been appeared in international publications such as Caras, Avianca, New Western Cuisine, Pangea and Star Diamond World.

View all of Karen’s articles here.
In addition to writing, Karen creates video content about travel and food experiences.

She has conversation with influential personalities and Thought Leaders who understand excellent service and who make note worthy contributions to their local communities. View all of Karen’s videos here.