The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) bestows the Five and Six Star Diamond Awards to the very best resorts, hotels, fine dining, Chefs and luxury products worldwide.  I have worked with the AAHS for over 15 years and I continue to develop their portfolio of world class luxury experiences.

The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences
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CheckIn WithIn

CheckIn WithIn is my platform to share information about outward and inward travel, healing experiences and transformational places that foster personal growth, well-being and happiness.  Thru this platform I intend to share the best of the glossy worldly world with the sincere authenticity of something beyond…


I write mostly about luxury, travel, food and well-being. As a result of my many travels across the globe, I contribute to publications worldwide.  My content has been appeared in international publications such as Caras, Avianca, New Western Cuisine, Pangea and Star Diamond World.

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