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Limited Production Portuguese Wines

It can be challenging to find limited production Portuguese wines.  However many wine bars in Lisbon, Portugal showcase a variety of them.  This is why its so wonderful to explore these traditional wine bars. And there are many to choose from in the city. Vestigius Wine...

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Flavorful Portuguese Cuisine at Cantihno Do Avillez

Discover flavorful Portuguese Cuisine in Lisbon, Portugal.  I recommend Cantinho Do Avillez for its array of robust and beautiful dishes.  The menu reflects the full spectrum of Portuguese cuisine. Some Flavorful Portuguese Cuisine at Cantinho Do Avillez: These are some of the best dished on the menu. ...

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Day Trip to Cascais, Portugal

If you are visiting Lisbon, it is easy to take a day trip to Cascais.  This charming beach town is located approximately 30 minutes outside of the capital city.  It's a scenic coastal town that has a nice mix of beaches, restaurants, shops, as well...

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Port Wine Tasting in Porto Portugal

Do you enjoy drinking port wine?  If so, I highly recommend a visit to Porto, Portugal.  You can find wine cellars throughout the city for port wine tasting.  Plus the city is off the beaten path of Portugal's tourist destinations.  It is authentic and non-commercial.   Grahams...

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New Bolog, Karen Lynn Dixon

Welcome to my new Blog

I am very sad to share that during the renovation of this website there was an unfortunate technical mishap. My blog got lost.   A backup? They thought they had one, and although they tried diligently to recover it, there was no success.   We were left with only...

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