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Photo Shoot Ecuador Event Professionals

Photo Shoot Ecuador Event Professionals I always enjoy working with Ecuador's premier event professionals.  They always ensure that all of the details are correct. The Team The photo shoot was a lot of fun.  We staged it at a beautiful luxury apartment complex located in Quito, Ecuador.  We...

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Esteban Pozo Wedding and Event Design

Behind the helm at Esteban Pozo Wedding and Event Design is a most dynamic pair.  They know how to create beautifully unique, stylish and memorable moments.  Their designs bring a perfect balance of aesthetics and an undeniable touch of class to every event. Celebrated Ecuadorian artist, David...

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Royal Tour Ecuador NYC launch

The Royal Tour Ecuador NYC launch was a huge success.   President Raphael Correa attended the event and introduced the one hour TV Production along with TV Host Peter Greenberg at The AMC Lowes Theatre Lincoln Center in NYC.   Royal Tour Ecuador features a special insider tour that...

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Dolce Vita Photo Session Karen Lynn Dixon

Dolce Vita is the premier luxury magazine in Ecuador. It was such an honor for me to have this opportunity to spend the day with them while I was n Quito. They organized a spectacular group of professionals to take the photos and organize the interview....

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Operation Santa with the FBI Citizens Academy, Volunteer, Karen Lynn Dixon, JFK

Operation Santa Claus 2015

Operation Santa Claus was my first opportunity to provide community service as an Alumni of the FBI Citizens Academy NYC.  The annual event is hosted by Community Mayors, Inc., since 1875. The organization benefits over 50,000 special needs children in NYC every year.  Their motto is: No...

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