Tandana Vegan Restaurant Quito Ecuador

Tandana Vegan Restaurant Quito is Ecuador's only 100 percent Vegan restaurant.  It is nestled in a restored municipal park overlooking the picturesque village, Guápulo, and the valley.   The restaurant is a non-for profit project.  Libera Ecuador, a foundation owns Tandana and is also involved in activism....

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URKO Cocina, your culinary passport to Ecuador

URKO Cocina is located in Quito, Ecuador in the trendy, cosmopolitan Floresta neighborhood.  To dine there is to learn all about Ecuadorian cuisine.  This is a dining experience that guides you thru the country while paying homage to its rich history, traditions and tastes.  URKO...

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AAHS awards Cafe Mosaico World Class View

AAHS awards Cafe Mosaico Quito Ecuador

AAHS awards Cafe Mosaico Quito Ecuador 'World Class View' American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) awards Cafe Mosaico with a Five Star Diamond Award.  The category of the award is Touristic Destination, a 'World Class View of the Heart of Quito." This is the place to visit in Quito,...

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Osaka Restaurant in Quito

Osaka Restaurant – Nikkei Cuisine in Quito

During a recent trip to Quito I was introduced to Osaka, a Nikkei cuisine style restaurant with several locations throughout Latin America.   Some of my most favorite culinary discoveries occur in my travels when I meet the perfect fusion of two different cultures.  The dishes appear...

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Superwings, A Taste of the Caribbean in Brooklyn

Superwings is the perfect destination to indulge in a taste of the Caribbean in Brooklyn. While in Trinidad, I had the chance to meet Colette Burnett, the Founder and CEO of Superwings. Upon my return to NYC, I interviewed Colette at her Superwings restaurant, located in...

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Belcanto Tasting Menu Lisbon Portugal

The Belcanto tasting menu is a wonderful dining experience. It exudes authenticity and quality.  The restaurant is one of the best fine dining options in Lisbon, Portugal.  It is also the only 2 Star Michelin in the city.   History of Belcanto   In 2012 Chef José Avillez re-opened Belcanto to launch...

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Flavorful Portuguese Cuisine at Cantihno Do Avillez

Discover flavorful Portuguese Cuisine in Lisbon, Portugal.  I recommend Cantinho Do Avillez for its array of robust and beautiful dishes.  The menu reflects the full spectrum of Portuguese cuisine.   [caption id="attachment_43315" align="alignnone" width="800"] Welcome to Cantinho Do Avillez in Lisbon[/caption] Some Flavorful Portuguese Cuisine at Cantinho Do...

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