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E ver since I lived abroad as a teenager, I have always immersed myself in different cultures – living and learning in lands different than my own.


My luxury hospitality career began in 2003 in NYC with a stint in freelance travel writing for a local upscale publication.  That opportunity quickly blossomed into a whirlwind adventure of living and discovering foreign lands to rate ultra-upscale hotels and fine dining experiences with the prestigious International Five Star Diamond Award for The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS).

Karen Lynn Dixon, Luxury Hospitality Consultant




In 2005, I worked at The Carlyle Hotel on Manhattan’s upper East Side to absorb all that I could about high-end hotel ethos, management and operations.  I primarily focused on creating marketing strategies for new streams of revenue, but surely the best moments for me were when I was “Manager on Duty” and had to learn trial – by – fire style all aspects of the luxury hospitality business.

For over a decade following, The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences slung shot me to all parts of the planet from Asia to South America and everything in between.  I lived abroad and traveled extensively worldwide with stars and diamonds.  During this time I evaluated over 5,000 of the world’s best fine dining, hotels, spas, airlines, cruise ships and other luxury lifestyle experiences. 

I received wonderful opportunities from the luxury world to learn experientially about high quality hospitality and the invaluable gift of giving excellent service to others.  It was a beautiful journey of living abroad and exploring excellence.


Wherever I found myself around the world, I also sought out opportunities to dive deeper into my inner world.  During my travels, I encountered healing experiences with Shamans, soothsayers, monks and other interesting people with incredible and unexpected wisdom that would just blow my mind open.
After living and working in a Dhamma Center in 2017, following a monastic way of life that year, I started to live in a new version of luxury – one that emphasized well being and happiness thru the art of service.
Today, I seek to blend the best of the glossy worldly-world with the sincere authenticity and humility of something beyond…

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A video, in Spanish, highlighting some of the most interesting trips and experiences of Karen’s 12+ year career with the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences.