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I have worked in the luxury hospitality and lifestyle industry for over fourteen years.  It all began in 2003 in NYC with a stint in freelance travel writing for a local upscale publication.  That opportunity quickly blossomed into a whirlwind adventure of living and discovering foreign lands to rate ultra-upscale hotels and fine dining experiences with the prestigious International Five Star Diamond Award.  For over a decade The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences slung-shot me to all parts of the planet from Asia to South America and everything in between.  I received wonderful opportunities from the luxury world to learn experientially about high quality hospitality and the invaluable gift of giving excellent service to others.  
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The New Luxury

The New Luxury goes beyond aspiration to inspire personal self expression and to foster a deeper connection to our experiences.

It creates memorable and sensory experiences that are positive and life affirming.  It also celebrates what we love in our lives, especially when we travel.

Classic luxury will always be about excellent comfort and quality but the new luxury adds something fresh and enriching to that formula like connection, authenticity, originality, wonder, inspiration and joy!

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Would you like better reviews, higher ratings and a more loyal clientele?

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Would your team benefit from knowing the full scope of luxury, its new trends, and business practices that work?

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Is your high touch business or quality destination known to enough people in this global economy?

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